MetaMask® Extension - Browser extension

MetaMask is a popular browser extension and mobile app that allows users to manage their Ethereum-based digital assets and interact with decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a digital wallet and gateway to the Ethereum blockchain. It enables users to store, send, and receive Ether (ETH), as well as manage various ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. However, it offers more than just wallet functionality. It acts as a bridge between your browser and the Ethereum network, making it easy to interact with decentralized applications and sign transactions securely.

Key Features of MetaMask:

  1. Wallet Management: MetaMask allows you to create and manage Ethereum wallets. You can import existing wallets or create new ones with a simple seed phrase.

  2. Token Support: It supports a wide range of Ethereum-based tokens. You can add custom tokens and view your entire portfolio in one place.

  3. Browser Extension: MetaMask is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and other Chromium-based browsers. It seamlessly integrates with your browser, making it convenient for web3 interactions.

  4. Mobile App: In addition to the browser extension, MetaMask Extension offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS. This extends access to your Ethereum assets and DApps to mobile devices.

  5. DApp Browser: MetaMask includes a built-in DApp browser, allowing you to interact with Ethereum-based applications directly from the extension.

  6. Security: It provides strong security measures, such as password protection, seed phrase recovery, and hardware wallet support (e.g., Ledger and Trezor).

How to Use MetaMask:

  1. Install MetaMask:

  2. Visit the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons Store.

  3. Search for MetaMask and click "Add to Chrome" or "Add to Firefox."

  4. Follow the installation prompts.

  5. Set Up a Wallet:

  6. Launch MetaMask by clicking on the extension icon in your browser.

  7. Create a new wallet and securely store your seed phrase.

  8. Manage Assets:

  9. Once your wallet is set up, you can add tokens, view your transaction history, and manage your digital assets.

  10. Interact with DApps:

  11. Visit Ethereum DApps that support MetaMask. The extension will automatically connect to the DApp and allow you to sign transactions.

  12. Security:

  13. Ensure your seed phrase is kept safe and never shared with anyone.

  14. Enable two-factor authentication for added security.

  15. Consider using a hardware wallet for even greater security.

  16. Mobile App:

  17. You can also download the MetaMask mobile app and import your wallet or create a new one.


MetaMask is a powerful tool that simplifies the use of Ethereum and decentralized applications. It offers a secure and user-friendly way to manage your digital assets and interact with the world of blockchain. Whether you're a cryptocurrency enthusiast or a DApp developer, MetaMask is an essential extension for Ethereum users.

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